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Vendor's Checklist

Vendor’s Checklist

ONCE you have accepted the offer:

  • Contact your solicitor to advise him of your sale. Arrange to deliver to him all title documents in your possession (deed/transfer, mortgage, plan of survey, realty tax bills, etc.)

  • If there are any conditions on the offer, advise your solicitor as soon as the conditions have been removed.

  • Contact all utility companies to advise of the closing date and request them to read meters, disconnect service and to forward the final bills to your new address.

  • Arrange for movers, if necessary.

  • Advise Post Office and Driver's License Office regarding change of address.

  • Notify your security system/alarm company.

  • If applicable, revise or make your Will and Power of Attorney.

  • In the week prior to closing, arrange a meeting with your lawyer to sign documents, deliver keys, provide forwarding address and telephone number and arrange the pick-up of funds (if applicable) after the sale.

  • Cancel your home insurance.