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Purchaser's Checklist

Purchaser’s Checklist

  • Discuss your proposed purchase with mortgage lenders to determine the amount of mortgage financing for which you will qualify.

  • Once you have decided to purchase a property, make sure your offer is conditional on financing. If your offer is conditional on an inspection and you wish to have one, your realtor will arrange it for you.

  • When your offer has been accepted contact your lawyer and advise him of the details of the purchase. Advise your realtor of the name and address of the lawyer you have retained.

  • Arrange the mortgage financing required to complete your purchase.

  • Consider doing a Will and Power of Attorney.

  • Notify your lawyer when your financing conditions and other conditions have been satisfied. Also advise him how you want to take title to the property and discuss the making of a Will and Power of Attorney.

  • Arrange for movers or a moving truck for the date of closing.

  • If you are using an OHOSP or your RRSP to fund your purchase, contact the your financial institution to advise them of the closing date and complete the necessary forms.

  • Contact all utility offices and your security/alarm company to set up accounts for your new home and arrange for a meter reading and discontinuance of service at your present location. On the next page you will find many handy telephone numbers in this regard.

  • Contact your post office and file a Notice of Change of Address, if applicable.